Hip Hop Professional Shanti Das Talks New Book, Being A Boss And Changing The Game In A Male Dominated Industry


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Did you ever show weakness? Or become emotional in such a male dominated industry?

I cried once. I had to excuse myself and after that I was like “that will never happen again.” Because I knew right then and there that I was going to be seen as being weak and I just let my emotions get the best of me. But that was before I made it to the VP level, and I was just getting used to the politics of the company.

So don’t show weakness at all?

Don’t show weakness at all! You know, men already think that about us. They think that we (women) make decisions off of our emotions, and sometimes maybe that’s true. But I think guys make emotional decisions too. They just don’t reflect on it. Really, for women, just be firm, stand your ground, and don’t let them see you sweat.

What was it like working alongside artists like Jagged Edge, Outkast, Usher and Diddy?

Oh my god! The 90’s was the best era. And it’s funny because Outkast has their 20th anniversary this year.  Their first album, SouthernPlayalistic, was the first single I ever worked with. They were truly creative spirits. What’s so unique about Outkast is that Big Boy and Dre bring very different things to the table. I think they made some of the best music of our time. Not even for breaking open southern hip hip, but for sound in hip hop overall.

Being able to work with an R&B group like Jagged Edge showed me that they were just some talented brothers who made their mark in the industry. They were always prepared and eager and energetic. It was just real cool working with them.