Hip Hop Professional Shanti Das Talks New Book, Being A Boss And Changing The Game In A Male Dominated Industry



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You’re already accustomed to having a strong work ethic. Is there an entirely upgraded work ethic that’s needed in building your own empire, versus being the head of someone else’s?

Oh my god, absolutely. When you’re just starting out, you need a different type of hustle abilities. Honestly I feel like I’m back in my Syracuse days and I’m “shoestring,” hustling and trying to make a business for myself. because I never set out to be an entrepreneur. I had to learn the ups and downs of it. It’s pretty much you eat what you kill in the entrepreneurial route. It’s a different level of excitement, because it’s ME. I’m doing a marketing plan for my book. It’s my intellectual property.

What do you love most about being on your own?

The opportunity to give back. So not only am I fulfilling my personal dreams and aspirations of being an author, but I’m able to help people too. And it’s such a wonderful feeling.

What organizations are you involved with?

I sit on the board of Big Kids foundation, which is Big Boy foundation of Outkast. I’m also a board member for Hands On Atlanta. I like to start initiatives that have a direct effect on a specific part of a community. Like for the earthquake in Haiti, I was able to raise over $5,000 immediately to buy medical supplies to one specific village. There is a big dinner on Thanksgiving called ” No Reservations Needed where I feed the homeless men of the Atlanta Mission. Also I do a pampering event for moms at the Genesis Shelter.The pre-requisite is that you had to have been homeless, and they help the moms get back on their feet and find housing and hopefully find jobs for themselves. So we do a big pampering day for them, where I get all of my celebrity makeup artists and stylists to come in and pamper moms for Mother’s day, or Christmas. I’m also starting a new initiative next week called, “Turn The Page,” where I promote literacy for kids and teenagers.