Hip Hop Professional Shanti Das Talks New Book, Being A Boss And Changing The Game In A Male Dominated Industry


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What are some words of wisdom you give to young woman working towards climbing the ladder to success in this?

Be a woman of integrity. Your word is your EVERYTHING. Sometimes, we don’t understand the importance of that. And respect yourself!

So many woman now take the reality show route, or IG, for visibility and a branding technique to break into the industry. Do you think these new aged ways can work for getting a record deal or at least getting notoriety from execs?

I would be a hypocrite if I said to the young lady who had to strip to pay her way through college, or had a baby, was still trying to do the right thing. Life is about choices, so as long as the choices we make, we stand behind them and know that there are consequences or know this can be a means to an end. If that is what you have to do, just keep some balance in your life. Women who start in reality, parlay into something else and actually build an empire for themselves. I dare not sit here and be a hypocrite to say I don’t approve of that. t may not have been a route I would have taken but for some women, it’s a way in and hopefully it can lead a way out of it. For example Nene and Kandi Burress skyrocketed their careers and built great empires

But it’s important for women like us to give them some insight. I wrote a book so that people can know there’s more to life than this video model shit and this entertainment business. There’s a whole chapter that I dedicate to women in the game, where I literally list names of execs; whether it’s in music, film, whatever, just so that these young girls can go research and see what other careers are out there.