Hip Hop Professional Shanti Das Talks New Book, Being A Boss And Changing The Game In A Male Dominated Industry


shanti 5

What artist from the 90’s would you love to see resurface the music scene today? 

Jodeci! Oh My God, such a fan of their work. Jodeci or  Jagged Edge—the male boy bands. I miss the harmonies. You look at it on the pop side, One Direction is HUGE, on a global perspective. So I’m like what’s going on with R&B boy bands?

What’s your relationship like with today’s hip hop? Do you feel like the 90’s is still this untouchable era?

I don’t think the 90’s is an untouchable era! I’m a fan of Drake and Kendrick Lamar fan. Kendrick is really helping the culture push forward to get back to where it used to be from a lyrical standpoint and battling other artists, but in the most sincere way of getting people excited in the culture.

You talk a lot about having a plan B in your book. If things didn’t work out for you, what would’ve been your plan B?

If it didn’t work out for me, I would have tried to become a sports announcer, because I’m a huge sports fan. I would have tried to infiltrate the sports world.