IFHY: 10 Athletes People Love To Hate


The talk on Richard Sherman’s post game interview has reached heights that are expected in todays viral world. Some of the memes, edited clips and Insta-photos are funny and worth sharing for a laugh. However, the anger and vitriol that Sherman has come under simply for being excited after what is unquestionably the biggest play of his career, while less than surprising, has been, in many cases, alarming, disgusting and racially offensive.

The anonymity of social media affords many to flex their “twitter muscles” with words they wouldn’t dare use in public or to the face of athletes like Sherman, at the risk of being called out on their bullshit. Sherman’s not innocent, in the sense that he’s one the games best trash talkers and when you dish like he does, expect reciprocation. However, it’s still baffling that with so many people openly expressing their hate on the King Cornerback, Sherman is still top 10 in NFL jersey sales (the only defensive player who can say that, I might add).

Go figure the figures, but it’s hard to truly hate on a guy who can pull of something like this. Who else shares Sherman’s pain? What other athletes do people have this sort of love (to)/ hate relationship with? Take a look at the list athletes people can’t seem to stop hating on. — @LowerEastScribe