Interview: Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson Gives His Take On Social Media, His Football Career, The Best Showmen In Sports And More


Influencer is a word that’s thrown around the industry way too loosely. Get a few invites to parties, write a few posts about products and all of a sudden you’re listing “tastemaker” as a skill on your resume. Yesterday, New Era brought out ex-football player and current CBS fantasy football analyst Chad Johnson, to give away ice cream to a line of people half a New York City block long. Yeah, re-read that. A huge line of people, waited mid-day in 26-degree weather for ice cream just to meet Ocho Cinco.

That’s influence.

We got the chance to talk to him right in the hub of Super Bowl Central, Times Square. Read on to find out where he thinks he ranks among the NFL’s all-time great receivers, why he’s happy for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, his pick for the Super Bowl winner and more by clicking the arrows above. —Terrence Watson (@LowerEastScribe)