Interview: Lorde Talks Heartbreak, Being A ‘Real’ Singer


Think you really know Grammy-nominee Lorde? Check the breakdown on the “Royals” singer

Name: Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor Born: November 7, 1996 Hometown: Devonport, New Zealand Claim to fame: “Royals,” Pure Heroine Birth of “Lorde”: I just liked the idea of taking a hard, masculine, aristocratic title and turning it into a soft feminine word Influences for Pure Heroine LP: Sleigh Bells, jj (Swedish pop group), Prince, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic Biggest splurge: A queen-sized bed. I’ve been sleeping in a shitty single my whole life Food order to-go: I like sushimi, but just Japanese food in general First heartbreak: I don’t know if I’ve had a first heartbreak Most desirable talent: Speaking other languages, probably Spanish and French First song I ever wrote: I think it’s a Kiss reference, but [“Dope Ghost”] was about this girl in my year that had gone off the rails Staple fashion piece: A metal, silver collar with a huge crystal attached to it from this punk shop in New York Why I’m about to blow: It’s important in the entertainment industry to have someone who is a little bit more real. That’s what people appreciate about me and what I do. People my age are like, “We have someone we feel is saying things that are real.” The pop world is like, “Whoa, what’s going on?” but it’s all good. I’m going from being someone that no one knows about to having a little bit more of a voice. —As told to Adelle Platon See also: Lorde On Miley Cyrus Comparisons: “I Find It So Stupid”