Interview: Los Angeles Lakers Wesley Johnson Talks About Life As A Laker, His Luxury Kick Game And Why Dwight Howard Didn’t Fit As A Laker


There isn’t a more cherished NBA franchise than the Los Angeles Lakers. One bad season won’t break what that Purple & Gold means to the league and it’s fans. Don’t believe me? What other team can travel all the way to China and shut an entire airport down?—Terrence Watson (@LowerEastScribe)

“We landed at Beijing International airport at around 7 p.m. that evening and they cleared the whole airport for us,” Los Angeles Laker small forward Wesley Johnson said. “I mean, it’s not like this was 2 a.m. or something, it was the middle of the evening. They let us threw, we got on the bus and then they let everyone back in the airport. Me and Nick (Young) were laughing because we thought, ‘this is crazy.’

VIBE: Anything else crazy happen while you were in China?

We had people outside the hotel like we were Beyonce and Jay Z. They wanted to see and meet everyone from Kobe and Pau, to Robert Sacre. I knew it was crazy to be a Laker, I just didn’t know it was like this. When I was with Minnesota we played the Lakers in London. The crowd cheered for us, but the announcers couldn’t even say one persons name on the Lakers during the introductions. It was too loud. I knew they get love but experiencing it was crazy. That purple and gold is crazy.

What are some of the other perks of being a Laker?

I mean there’s definitely certain advantages. It’s fun to go out and you don’t have to worry about getting in anywhere. Or let’s say your girl or your fiancé heads out somewhere crowded. She hits you up, makes a call and can get a table right away because you’re a Laker. It’s crazy. Lakers rule LA.