Interview: Pusha T Celebrates Play Cloths Fifth Anniversary In NYC


Earlier this week, The Griffin played host to Play Cloths fifth anniversary party. As expected, sets from DJ Wonder and DJ ENVY spun audio homages to everything Virginia: Pharrell, Neptunes, Clipse; even a splash of Timbo’s beats filled the dimly lit night club in New York City’s Meat Packing district.

A crowd of fans, bloggers and industry notables hit the scene, even with NYC facing it’s second major blizzard of the winter. It’s fitting that those who love what Pusha T is about ventured out to celebrate him, and his second-act as a solo artist, did so on a night blinded by snow. When Terrence and brother Gene “No Malice” Thornton hit the streets behind Grindin on Lord Willin’, they did so with a fresh, feathery, whiteout flow about powder pushing that only Shaun White and Tony Montana can relate to.

By midnight the venue was packed and pumped off the D’USSE. King Push watched over the crowd with his street-regal aura atop a blacked out balcony. Still nodding his head to every song with excitement like the first time he heard the beats of his classics, Push made his way down to greet the crowd like the people’s champion of rap. But before The G.O.O.D. Music Golden Child posed for pics so they could upload, he talked to us about new inspirations for Play Cloths, the reality behind his lyrics and gave his Super Bowl predictions.—Terrence Watson (@LowerEastScribe)

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