Interview: Son Of Kick Sticks To His New Smog City Crew


Named one of our ‘30 DJs To Watch In 2014,’ producer Son Of Kick has already started living up to this title after he was picked up by 12th Planet’s Smog Recs crew to tour in 12 U.S. cities, and show the nation what makes this kid so sick (hint, hint: it’s his ‘take no prisoners’ beats). Catch this kid as he drops down in a city near you with the rest of the Smog gang and check out what other plans he has for 2014 in our exclusive interview with this big bang from the UK:

VIBE: Describe your music as if explaining it to someone who’s deaf.
Son Of Kick: Shake. Bite. Pull. Kiss. Push. Hold tight.

What were some major musical influences of yours growing up?
So many to mention. Anything between Nirvana, Bauhaus, Beastie Boys, Ministry, Aphex Twin to Farid Al Atrash, Fela Kuti, Leonard Cohen, Ry Cooder and so much more…

How were you discovered by SMOG Records?
My boys from Foreign Beggars knew the whole team at SMOG and got me in touch with them to release my single EOW with them. It became a fam thing really quickly and am proud to represent the UK side of SMOG.

What are you looking forward to most during the label’s North American tour? Any particular city you’re excited about visiting?
Looking forward to the road trip with the team, the bus madness, the Southern food, the insane shows and the contact with all the new crowds I am gonna meet. Never been to any of the 12 cities that I’m playing at – all equally exciting!

What can patrons expect from your performance during the tour?
A lot of screams, bass, hybrid music, reloads, boom vibes and an enormous amount of energy!

What are some things you would like to see accomplished by the end of this year?
Write and release my first album. Get more into jamming with other artists, whether it’s to release something or just for the fuck of it. Move to LA. Lose my London tan.

Are there any producers or rappers you hope to collaborate with?
Tom Waits.

What’s one bad habit you wish to ‘kick’ someday?
When I wake up, go have a pee and coffee before I sit in front of my computer and start working.