Jermaine Dupri Claims Justin Bieber Was Profiled By Miami Cops


Not only has Justin Bieber snagged a friend in Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean from his bad boy behavior, he also has Jermaine Dupri in his corner. The hit-making producer reckons that when Bieber was hit with a DUI that the Miami cops were lacking evidence and just desperate to bust him for anything, like they used to do to him, TMZ reports.

J.D. experienced his own case of celeb profiling back in December, when he accused the Miami police department of deliberately targeting him when he was pulled over by five squad cars and a K9 unit because they smelled pot but found nothing when they searched his whip. He told the gossip site that weed is openly smoked in South Beach clubs and that the aroma sticks to celebs leaving the nightspots.

So far the cops haven’t found much to pin on the Biebs. His blood alcohol level on the night of the incident was reportedly .014 and there’s no evidence of him crossing the speeding limit in the drag race.

Dupri says Justin’s only mistake was being too flashy on the strip, riding around in that canary yellow Lambo: “He brought attention to himself with the car.”

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