JoJo Ends Label Nightmare; Signs New Deal with Atlantic Records


JoJo signs new record deal

Let the clouds part and heaven shine down: JoJo can finally release a new album! The former teen queen and burgeoning pop singer has just inked a deal with Atlantic Records after a seven year battle with former label Blackground over her contract. At just twelve years old, the Boston native entered an agreement that not only banned her from releasing new music, but doing something as simple as lend her singing voice to film projects.

“I don’t sing [in the movie].  I’m actually in a lawsuit right now because I don’t own my voice. It’s a really — it’s a pretty f–ked up situation, but I’m getting out of it,” she said at a recent screener for the indie flick G.B.F. After the unsuccessful release of her sophomore album, The High Road, in 2006, JoJo found herself at odds and eventually in court suing Blackground for going against New York law, which states a minor cannot be signed to a recording contract for more than seven years.

Thanks to support from her loyal fans on and off social media, the Agape songstress can breathe a sigh of relief and get to work on new music.

“#FREEDJOJO @absatlantic Superb lawyering @DJD & litigation team #letsWORK #teamjojo #yourethefuckingbest,” she recently shared on Instagram.

Vixens: are you excited to hear more from JoJo?

Photo Credit: Getty Images