Jonah Hill Talks Balancing Comedy And Drama In ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ And ’22 Jump Street’


Jonah Hill is cornering the acting market.

The jovial Oscar nominee, who currently can be seen in the critically-acclaimed Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street, has become an in-demand talent capable of holding his own against some of Hollywood’s most respected thespians from Leonardo DiCaprio to Brad Pitt. But it’s his ability to excel in both drama and comedy that is garnering Hill wide-eye notice.

Whether it’s starring in a dramatic Scorsese epic or sharing the screen with Channing Tatum in the upcoming balls-out comedy sequel 22 Jump Street (due out June 13), the 30-year-old Los Angeles native tells VIBE that he is experiencing the best of both worlds.

“To get to be fortunate enough to go back and forth between movies like Wolf of Wall Street and funny stuff like 22 Jump Street has been great,” he says. “I’m a really lucky guy. Working with someone like Leo… he’s such an incredible actor. He’s so gifted, and I think he’s the best guy out of his generation of actors. He just gets better every time. I got so much better because I was lucky enough to get to act with him.”

As for what fans can expect from 22 Jump Street, which follows the continued uproarious and obscene exploits of 21 Jump Street’s clueless, baby-faced undercover cops, Hill says the follow-up to the 2012 box office hit pokes fun at the whole notion of the sequel.

“We actually just finished filming,” Hill says of the R-rated comedy. “Channing and [Ice] Cube… that is just pure fun. A lot of the concept is about how second missions are always worse and more offensive than the first mission [laughs].” —Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)