Justin Bieber May Get Off On DUI Charge


It looks as though Justin Bieber may eventually be exonerated for his recent alleged DUI, thanks to the Miami Police Department. The young singer was arrested and taken into custody on Thursday (Jan. 23) after police reportedly spotted him drag racing. In what appears to be another falsified aspect of the story, Bieber’s vehicle may have not been going as fast as the officers claimed, according to TMZ.

The morning of his arrest, Biebs was pushing a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2. According to the company responsible for the car’s rental, GPS devices installed in the car reveal that the singer’s Lambo had only been going about 30 mph at the time of the “race” — as opposed to the police’s claim of 60 mph. The same goes for Bieber’s alleged race opponent Khalil Sharieff, whose Ferrari 16M was also recorded at only about 30 mph.

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TMZ also previously reported that the Miami officers may have also exaggerated Bieber’s blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest. Originally recorded at a level of 0.04, the singer’s blood alcohol may have actually been a miniscule 0.014. The arresting officers also complained of a strong stench of alcohol on the young star’s breath.

Justin Bieber’s court date is scheduled for Monday (Jan. 27).