Justin Bieber On The Sizzurp, Say Sources

Justin Bieber is only 19 and he’s acting out like most 19 year olds. Except, he’s f%^#ing Justin Bieber, so everything he does makes headlines.

2013 is a year marked with wins and fails for the Bieber camp. Wins: his Journals album, which showed the one-time teen heartthrob finding his voice among a more mature contemporary R&B crowd. Fails: the Brazilian brothels, the flag-bashing, the neighborhood terrorizing, and, most recently for 2014, the house egging. Despite the $3 million non-disclosure agreement he made his pals sign at a recent party, word of Bieber’s hard partying ways is making it out of his Calabasas mansion. The latest rumor? That the Biebs is using and abusing drugs, mainly sizzurp aka lean aka the same stuff that sent Gucci Mane to the psych ward.

The codeine and promethazin concoction has long been the hip-hop scene’s kryptonite. In addition to Gucci Mane’s problems stemming from abusing the potion, it is what Lil Wayne says sent him to the hospital last March.

Cops raided Bieber’s home last week after the egging incident caused some $20,000 in damages. They arrested his pal Lil Za on the scene for possession of cocaine, but it is believed the drug they confiscated was actually molly. TMZ reports that Bieber has been popping prescription pills like Xanax along with a steady intake of alcohol and weed. It is rumored his camp is looking into rehab options.