Justin Bieber Turned Away From Miami Heat Game?


Justin Bieber’s most recent legal trouble may have costed him a seat at a Miami Heat game, according to E! News. Following the 19-year-old singer’s DUI charge on Thursday (Dec. 23), allegations have sprung that the NBA team rejected his attendance to its game against the Los Angeles Lakers later that night. Originally scheduled to sit courtside, Biebs was not in attendance, as a source claims that the franchise did not wish to receive negative attention and therefore prohibited the singer’s entry.

Bieber’s latest fiasco occurred when the “Recovery” singer was allegedly pulled over after drag racing at 4 a.m on Pine Tree Drive and 26th Street in Miami. Reportedly not in possession of a valid license, Bieber was taken into police custody after resisting arrest and failing a series of sobriety tests. Reporting to a judge via satellite, the young star was released Thursday afternoon once he posted a bail of $2,500. The Miami Heat took on the Los Angeles Lakers hours later, edging them out with a 109-102 win.

This is not the first accusation of the Heat’s rejection of a music star. Last year, Lil Wayne claimed that the team ejected him from a game for rooting for their opposition (also the Lakers). The event sprung an all-out beef between the rapper and the team, leading to an onstage rant by Wayne in which he proclaimed “F– LeBron! F— She Wade! F— Chris Bosh! F— all y’all!” To date, Wayne has only recanted his insult to LeBron James, saying “That’s my homie but it just slipped out. I didn’t mean to say that. Other than that though I don’t take nothing back.”

The Miami Heat and NBA have yet to confirm rejecting Justin Bieber from Thursday’s game.