Kim Kardashian Reveals Summer Wedding In Paris, Will Take Kanye’s Last Name


To the surprise of no one, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have set their summer wedding in Paris. After being spotted in Versailles scoping out possible locations for their nuptials earlier this week, she confirmed the details during a recent stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live. “We were just taking a tour, but we will be getting married this summer hopefully in Paris,” said North West’s mommy. Even the Palace of Versailles backed up Kim’s statement by tweeting:

The location makes sense given ‘Ye’s infatuation with the French capital (see: Fashion Week, “N*ggas In Paris“) and that the couple share a second home their to escape the Kardashian Klan. “We’re taking different roles. He’ll be taking care of the music, I’ll take care of the seating chart,” she continued. Crank up that “White Dress” and find out if Yeezus will be rapping his vows below.