Kim Kardashian Shows Off New Pics Of North West, Talks Kanye West Incident On ‘Ellen’


There is plenty of reason to think that North West just may be the cutest baby OF ALL TIME like how she has Kanye West’s cheeks, the Kardashian genes of long eyelashes and a great head of hair at the ripe age of 7 months.

During a recent pit stop at the Ellen DeGeneres show, Kim Kardashian showed off new flicks of her adorable bundle of joy. The reality starlet/ paparazzi darling discussed having a tough time with pregnancy, how ‘Ye isn’t exactly the “diaper-changing kind of guy” but is a very hands-on dad, maybe even overprotective, especially when it comes to baby bikinis.

After Ellen gifted her with some new bathing suits, including a mini two-piece for Nori, Kim was quick to say that she had tried to put a similar ensemble on her baby before but it didn’t go over so well with ‘Ye. Watch the full interview where she also addresses the alleged Kanye assault, having more kids, her wardrobe malfunction before the show and more.