Laidback Luke Reveals A Passion For Kung Fu On New After-Movie For His ‘Musically Driven Bus Tour’


The 37-year-old EDM pioneer hit the road last fall for his Musically Driven Bus Tour, which kicked off in El Paso, TX, before travelling across the United States and Canada to finish up in Indianapolis, IN, last November. The massive tour featured two epic nights in Washington and Chicago where Luke and his team decked out in Superhero costumes and partied the night away with thousands of revelers for his Super You & Me parties.

Being a Marvel fan isn’t the only reason why VIBE loves Laidback Luke, his kung fu skills were also documented as his method to de-stress during his tour in the visually slick after-movie filmed with special guests Moska and D.O.D. The footage captures all the behind-the-scenes craziness of the tour and is a must watch for any true Laidback Luke fan.

The Netherlands native came to fame with his eclectic fusion of musical genres, exciting melodies and good eye for breaking new talent on his beats, including his after-movie co-stars Moska and D.O.D. Check out the rising star in action below.