Laugh Of The Day: Roy Wood Jr.’s Color Problem

Roy Wood Jr.: I just moved to L.A. and what they don’t tell you is that the gangs here are still very serious. They get mad when you wear the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood. The gang dude wanted to fight me. I’m wearing a red polo. It was a nice two-button…but why can’t I wear a red shirt again? I’m 34––I’m grown. I should be allowed to wear a normal colored shirt again. Why are you in my face?

Gang member: What hood you claiming?!

I’m claiming adulthood, sir. That’s my hood. I’m grown now.

It didn’t make any sense, because I had a blazer on. I had a red two-button polo with a blazer on top of the shirt. How could you possibly confuse me with a gang? Even if I am in a gang, obviously I’m a supervisor. You’re out of line!