Ludacris’ Baby Mother Reportedly Threatened To Go Public If He Didn’t Buy Her a Car


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Ludacris’ baby momma drama is proving to be a messy situation. Just a week after he revealed that he fathered a child outside of relationship with current girlfriend, Eudoxie Agnan, TMZ reports that his BM Tamika Fuller is going for his money, something the rapper feared.

According to the site, Fuller gave the Fast and Furious star an ultimatum, either he buy her a car and pay her lawyer’s retainer fee of $7,500.  Trying to protect his assets against the new mom, he requested a gag order against Tamika because of his high-profile status. The gag order stated, “[He is] a major celebrity of great notoriety and throughout the U.S.–and even in Georgia– judges often allow public figures to keep their sexual indiscretion under wraps…The gag order was essential because Tamika demanded that he give her a whip and $7,500 for her lawyer’s retainer.”

Unfortunately for Luda the gag order was rejected by the judge and the story is out. Right now he’s fighting to put her on a $1,754.66 monthly child support plan.

We hope the two can come to a mutual understanding for the sake of his daughter.

Photo Credit: Instagram