Man Shot Dead During Argument Over Texting In Movie Theater


During a matinee showing of Lone Survivor, a movie-goer was fatally shot after getting into an argument with a retired police officer over texting at a theater in Tampa, Fla. Monday (Jan. 13), the New York Times reports.

A witness says the victim, identified as 43-year-old Chad Oulson, was on his phone during the previews portion of the screening and was texting his 3-year-old daughter when a retired policeman, 71-year-old Curtis Reeves, engaged in an altercation with Oulson and shot him.

“Three seconds, four seconds later, the argument starts again Their voices start going up; there seems to be almost a confrontation. Somebody throws popcorn, I’m not sure who threw the popcorn, and, bang, he was shot,” eyewitness Charles Cummings told FOX 13 television.

Reeves was charged with second-degree murder.

Photo Credit: myfoxtampabay

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