9 Rap Lyrics About Earning Minimum Wage


If hip-hop is the voice of the people, then Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the greatest MC to ever pick up a microphone. Not only was he a voice for the disenfranchised, but also for the poor. Toward the end of King’s life, he formed the Poor Peoples Campaign to push Congress to pass anti-poverty laws.

In Memphis, Tennessee, weeks before a Poor Peoples Campaign march was scheduled to take place in Washington D.C., King was killed while speaking for a group of sewer workers and two sanitation workers who were killed after they were crushed by a compactor.

In honor of King’s birthday today, his Poor Peoples Campaign and the 13 states that recently raised the minimum wage, check out these 10 hip-hop verses that reference the plight of the working class. —Darryl Robertson

Photo Credit: Getty Images