Marvel Confirms Exclusive Publishing Of ‘Star Wars’ Comics In 2015

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It looks like that franchise from a galaxy, far, far away is coming home to the house of M.

Back in March of 1977, Marvel Comics first published George Lucas’ sci-fi universe to much chagrin. Now, with the company bought and owned by Disney, Marvel will release new Star Wars comics beginning in 2015.

“The perennial brand of Star Wars is one of the most iconic in entertainment history and we are honored to have the opportunity to bring our creative talent pool to continue, and expand Star Wars into galaxies far, far away,” said Dan Buckley, Marvel president and publisher, in a statement.

Since Disney also brought Lucasfilm into its fold back in 2012, it seems that the cosmic alliances are becoming apparent as the company experiences a boon on all sides. “The adventures of Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca will make the light speed jump back to Marvel, to begin a new age of adventures within the Star Wars universe,” said Carol Roeder, director of Lucasfilm franchise publishing.

The Star Wars comics will return to the universe in 2015, which will coincide with J.J. Abrams’ new movie Star Wars: Episode VII, slated for release December 2015.

Props: SlashFilm