Mary Kay Adds Luxury Car to Associate Reward Program


BMW 320i

Mary Kay has a greater incentive for their associates to do well: a new luxury car for their Associate’s Reward Program. The independent cosmetic consultant company unveiled the black BMW 320i at their annual leadership conference in New Orleans and the upscale automotive is now an option for the company’s top-selling sales associates.

“When you think of BMW you think of sophistication, luxury, safety and class but overall, you think of performance,” the cosmetic’s VP of US Marketing, Sara Friedman said. “By adding the BMW 320i to the Mary Kay Career Car program, we are providing a new kind of elegance and style to the top-performing Independent Beauty Consultants, while inspiring them to achieve new goals in their Mary Kay businesses.” The BMW joins the company’s branded powder pink Cadillac.

With this as an incentive, how many vixens want to join MK?

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