The Miami Heat And The Brooklyn Nets Adorn ‘Nickname Jerseys’ During Match-Up


From “J. Shuttlesworth” to “The Big Ticket,” the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets basketball players have stitched their fan-affectioniate nicknames onto the back of their jerseys.

The uniforms, which will only be worn over the course of three games, debuted at tonight’s match-up (Jan. 10), at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Fans of the Heat can purchase the limited-edition jerseys online, and the adidas store at the Nets’ arena have the black-and-white memorabilia in stock.

Check out the new monikers below.

The Miami Heat
1. Ray Allen “J. Shuttlesworth”
2. Chris Andersen “Birdman”
3. Joel Anthony “Doc”

4. Shane Battier “Battle”

5. Michael Beasley “B Easy”

6. Chris Bosh “CB”

7. Mario Chalmers “Rio”

8. Norris Cole “Cole Train”

9. Udonis Haslem “UD”

10. LeBron James “King James”

11. James Jones “JJ”

12. Rashard Lewis “Sweet Lew”

13. Roger Mason, Jr. “Moneymase”

14. Greg Oden “G.O.”

15. Dwyane Wade “D. Wade”

The Brooklyn Nets
1. Reggie Evans “Joker”

2. Kevin Garnett “The Big Ticket”

3. Joe Johnson “JJ”

4. Andrei Kirilenko “Кириленко”

5. Brook Lopez “Brooklyn”

6. Paul Pierce “Truth”

7. Mason Plumlee “Plums”

8. Jason Terry “Jet”

9. Deron Williams “D-Will”

Photo Credit: Twitter/@ESPN