Michael B. Jordan Did Comedy Because He ‘Was Tired Of Dying’


One look at Michael B. Jordan and “awkward” is the last thing to come to mind but for his forthcoming flick That Awkward Moment, the actor powwows with Zac Efron and Miles Teller for a change of pace.

The bromantic comedy, which explores relationships from a male perspective, is a new direction for the Fruitvale Station star who says that his reel was filled with drama…literally.

“I was tired of dying…I was doing a lot of dramas, and I wanted to switch things up a little bit, and this was the opportunity to do it,” Jordan told Variety at the Jan. 27 movie premiere in Los Angeles.

Co-star Teller echoed the same sentiment. “I’m lucky enough to where I do have an appetite for both and people want to cast me in both. I just love both. It’s like my own appetite. If I do one thing too much I have to switch it up.”

Catch That Awkward Moment when it hits theaters Friday (Jan. 31).

Photo Credit: Getty