Michelle Obama At 50: Why She’s The Boss


If President Barack Obama is the block, then Michelle Obama is the light that keeps the streets on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on. As the most modern First Lady to occupy the throne to date, the toned and trim mother of 2 has done more than just make jaws drop in J. Crew threads and Alexander Wang gowns. Through her fitness initiatives, she has kept everyone moving, from Beyoncé to Jimmy Fallon, and still finds time to deliver flawless*** interviews, pow wow with Oprah and keep the First Family in check. To honor her 50th born day, here are 15 reasons why M.O is the real HBIC (Head-Boss-In-Charge) of the White House.

1. She could give Beyoncé a run for her money…

2. But still has the First Lady of Music on her “Favorites” list

3. She has no time for basic selfies

4. She misses the Kiss Cam but still has the Commander-in-Chief to wake up next to every morning

5. She makes mom dances cool

6. She laughed when Kanye West called Kim Kardashian more influential then her

(or at least we’d like to think she did)

7. She serves up immaculate side-eyes

8. She keeps men on their toes

9. She luh the kids

10. She LOLs with gold medalists

11. She still looks like a winner even on the Biggest Loser

12. And knows a winner when she sees it

13. Majority of the human race loves her

14. She gives thumbs up to cool stories, bro

15. And she can take a joke

Clap for her! Happy birthday, Meesh!