Naomie Harris Talks Playing ‘Mother Africa’ with Red Magazine [Photos]


Naomie Harris for Red Magazine

Naomie Harris has been on our radar since her turn as a sexy Bond girl and now the British bombshell is getting Oscar buzz for her work as Winnie Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. This month, she’s RED Magazine’s cover girl and inside, she says playing “Mother Africa” is one of her most challenging roles yet.

“She is the most complex woman I have ever played. To many, she is a saint, she’s Mother Africa, you know? To others, she is completely vilified. The pressure of all those expectations, especially filming in South Africa, was a lot. I definitely understand why she became the woman she did. In the same situation, I don’t know how I would react.”

As for her handsome co-star Idris Elba, Naomie says the leading man put her at ease while shooting. “We held each other’s hands through the whole process,” she continues.

What we wouldn’t give to hold Idris’ hand. Flip the page for more breathtaking photos of Harris.