New Jamaican Dancehall Artists Tattoos Their Eyeballs?


VICE reports that Jamaican dancehall artists like Mace and Alkaline are getting their eyeballs tattooed. Alkaline says he’s “calm and contented this way. Any entertainer, or artist of any calibre, wants to maintain the spotlight and the public attention.” At least he admits it.

Rumors spread online that Alkaline was pulling a quick one on everybody to drum up some publicity, and there was even a video posted that claimed to expose his fake eyeball tattoos, but nothing has been proven. Tattoo artists say that the process is irreversible, but there have been previous instances of people taking needles to eyeballs, including a 2008 story of a guy “who plunged a needle into his eye FORTY times to turn it bright blue” and a Brazilian man who “cried ink for two days” after tattooing his eyeballs last year.

If you have the stomach, read the whole story and watch the videos over at VICE’s website. You thought Justin Bieber was crazy? — Max Weinstein