New Music: Topaz Jones ‘Honeymoon Suite’ LP

Spare 56 minutes of your day today to take a well-deserved sound trip. The driver: East Coast start-up Topaz Jones. Every rapper knows that the way to a girl’s heart (or mine) is through her vices and Jones has no problem exposing his bad boy ways, especially when it means laying up with a bad girl. Makes perfect sense given he sources old, cheap motels in Sin City as inspiration for the LP.

He tells Mass Appeal:

“It’s really inspired by those cheap old motels that you would find in Las Vegas, where people elope. There’s people dressed up like Elvis, and every room has a different theme. I wanted to create an album that felt like that. There’s a sexual element, there’s some danger to it but also nothing sounds the same. Every song on there is it’s own sonic space. There’s ones that are super aggressive, ones that are more mellow, and ones that have a very live feel. It’s all over the place while still managing to have a cohesive feeling to it. Which is something that wasn’t easy to do but I was very happy to be able to achieve that.”

See, even he knows he’s nailed it. The LP goes down smooth but it’s clear from this 16-cut offering that the only direction Topaz is going is up. Crank this good good below.