New York City to Retire The MetroCard?


This week (Jan. 6), the beloved rectangle of flimsy plastic known as the NYC’s MetroCard turned 20 years old. However, to celebrate the system’s birthday, MTA hinted at it’s retirement. In about five years, the MetroCard may be laid to rest.

“I was hoping we wouldn’t have it this long,” MTA board member Andrew Albert told amNY. “I think New Yorkers will be very happy when we can put the MetroCard to bed.” According to reports, the MetroCard system will be too costly to maintain past 2019.

While some people can still recount memories of the subway token, it’ll be difficult to picture life in the Big Apple sans the MetroCard.

“You can’t think of New York City without thinking of the MetroCard,” said Carmen Bianco, President of MTA New York City Transit, in the MTA’s official announcement. “After two decades, it still serves millions of bus and subway riders daily offering a great transportation value. Of course, we are well on our way to developing the next generation of fare payment, part of our effort to upgrade and modernize the City’s mass transit system.”

But what exactly may come next? The MTA simply states, “Oh, we’re working on something even better.” — Stacy-Ann Ellis

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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