New York to Legally Support Marijuana?


New York Gov. Cuomo To Support Medical Marijuana

After Colorado’s landmark decision to legalize marijuana and sprouting pot shops throughout the state, New York may be the next to loosen up on lighting up. The New York Times reports that Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to announce the state’s plans to allow medical marijuana, according to state officials.

But before green enthusiasts jump out the window, the executive move doesn’t indicate full legalization. Cuomo’s plan “will be far more restrictive than the laws in Colorado or California, where medical marijuana is available to people with conditions as mild as backaches. It will allow just 20 hospitals across the state to prescribe marijuana to patients with cancer, glaucoma or other diseases that meet standards to be set by the New York State Department of Health.”

While the state hopes to have the infrastructure in place to dispense medical marijuana by this year, there is no specific timeline for when patients will begin receiving it.

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