Political Provocateur Mike Muse To Take Over VIBE’s Twitter For State of the Union Address


When President Barack Obama delivers his fifth State of the Union address Tuesday night, his words will have been months in the making. Muse Recordings, CEO and noted political engagement expert, Mike Muse (@iammikemuse), will man Vibe’s Twitter account (@vibemagazine) for their “State of the Union Takeover” on Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 9pm EST.

While much of the State of the Union speech is pre-determined, from the First Lady’s guest list to the color of the president’s tie, there are sure to be surprises and unscripted moments. What will Obama say about the state of Obamacare and how hard will he go at the Republicans? Mike Muse will decode the President’s speech while giving his unique perspective on the political issues of our time and answer questions.

The 2014 State Of The Union address is Mike’s third social media takeover for VIBE Magazine. He has led discussions around all of the presidential debates, ObamaCare and the 2013 State of the Union.

“This might be the most important year to watch the State of the Union address” says Mike. “This speech is setting the stage for his final agenda and perhaps more importantly, his legacy.”

Viewers don’t have to wait for the SOTU to get the discussion started. Starting at 8pm EST on Tuesday, Jan. 28, viewers can leave a question for Mike Muse by participating in the #VIBESOTU discussion and completing this question: “The State of Our Union is_____”?

Who: Mike Muse (@iammikemuse)

What: Vibe Magazine’s State of the Union Takeover on Twitter (@vibemagazine) #VIBESOTU

When: Tuesday, Jan. 28, 9pm EST.


Mike Muse is leading the conversations around the country on the business of music, pop culture and politics. As the CEO of record label, Muse Recordings, he has established himself as a Political Engagement Expert currently ranked as one of the nation’s top fundraisers. He has been praised for his comedic timing, uncanny wit, big personality and intellect, along with the ability to use nuts and bolts breakdowns for perspective. He can decipher the mishaps, missteps, political gaffe’s and important policy issues with fluid ease like Network News and is known for making politics sexy, youthful, and engaging. He has a stylized way of curating interest for first time political enthusiast while sustaining the interest of traditional politicos. He’s not Right or Left. He is a Political Provocateur and a Curator of Policy. Listen to Mike Muse weekly on Sirius/XM station, Shade45. Learn more about him at www.iammikemuse.com.