Premiere: Download Mack Wilds “Own It” (Sevag Area-201 Remix)


New York DJ/producer Sevag turns the knobs way up on Mack Wilds’ R&B ballad “Own It.”

By adding punched up progressive builds and basslines that crescendo into dance floor fire starters, this love aria just got flipped into a proper piece of dance music pandemonium. VIBE has a free download of the remix before it comes out tomorrow (Wednesday, January 21).

Sevag knows how to own his skills when it comes to threading together the worlds of dance, pop and hip-hip with ease. Plug into the premiere below and “own it” with him.

Tune into Sevag’s Area 201 podcast on iTunes.

Catch Sevag’s Live Act:
1/18: @ Mister East (Roselle, NJ)
1/31: @ Cielo (NYC) w/ FEHRPLAY