Prince Files $22 Million Lawsuit Against Facebook & Blogger Users


Prince suing Facebook

Prince has remained an advocate for many things throughout his career, including all legal and privacy rights to his music. Despite having a Twitter account and somewhat embracing social media, the “Artist Formerly Known As…” is still strict about his copyrights, making it impossible to watch a live performance online, including YouTube and Facebook.

Unfortunately, a few online bloggers are now on the wrong side of the law for bootlegging Prince performances for online streaming. This week, the singer filed a 21-page complaint/lawsuit in San Francisco in an effort to collect $22 million in damages from a total of 22 Facebook and Blogger users.

That’s right: each defendant must cough up 1 million big ones for “engage[ing]  in massive infringement and bootlegging of Prince’s material.” Prince is also asking the bootleggers to pay all attorney fees and any money made from the music itself.

All but two of the defendants remain anonymous: Dan Chodera and Karina Jindrova, both who no longer use Facebook.

Yikes! Vixens: what do you think of Prince’s lawsuit?

Photo Credit: WireImage