Rewind: The Top 5 Acts That Shook Up BPM Festival

Once a gathering of nightlife impresarios seeking to catch refuge away from the grueling demands of the music industry, the BPM Festival has since exploded to become a haven of self-indulgence and pleasure seeking. The picturesque beaches and luscious jungle serve as a backdrop as techno and house heavyweights host dawn to dusk to dawn parties over ten days where throngs of partygoers writhe and shake to hypnotic tracks while losing themselves in the music.

The “no rules” attitude, sexy beach bodies, and unmatched musical talent make this one of the most unique musical experiences on the planet. If the music played at Playa is a sample of what is to come in 2014, this year stands to be the beginning of a electronic music renaissance. Here is a sample of the acts VIBE caught and believe to be some of the best of the festival and perhaps the coming year. ->

Compiled and written by Orestes Benitez and Kasia Karolak