Robin Roberts Opens Up About Relationship On ‘GMA’


Robin Roberts was showered with praise when she publicly came out and thanked her longtime girlfriend in a reflective post on Facebook last month. On Monday’s Good Morning America (Jan. 6), the beloved co-anchor took to the air to talk about her partner, Amber Laign. “I have never been happier or healthier than I am right now,” she said, before sharing a photo of her and her girlfriend (below). “My year-end post was just full of gratitude and just telling everyone all that I’m grateful for, including my girlfriend Amber who really loved me through a difficult year.” The news of Roberts’ same sex relationship comes after the GMA personality publicly struggled with myleodysplastic syndrome. E! News reports that this is the first time Roberts has spoken and shared a photo of her and Laign, who have reportedly been together for 10 years, on-air. Laign is said to be a licensed massage therapist and a Bay Area native. Watch the small screen PDA below.