Roku Announces Roku TV At CES 2014

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Roku CEO Anthony Wood announced Sunday that the company is creating the Roku TV, which can stream services without needing a separate set-top box.

“The unfortunate problem with smart TVs is that they’re not living up to their potential,” Lloyd Klarke, the director of product management at Roku. “We tried to make [Roku TV] as simple as the players, so that people can get to the entertainment as soon as possible.”

While the company explained that they won’t be making the TVs itself, they will be working with the TV manufacturers TCL and Hisense. Roku is attempting to give those companies a chance to get streaming content they might not have access to otherwise.

For those who don’t believe in getting rid of their cable box, they can still use the Roku TV to connect to a standard cable box and still use their own remotes.

Roku TV will be available in the fall of 2014. The company has not revealed a price, though Klarke said that both TCL and Hisense are “used to making more value-oriented products,” which means not a lot of money spent for those technologically cheap.

Props: SlashFilm