Rumor Alert: D Wade’s Babymother Goes off About Gabrielle Union on Twitter


Aja Metoyer Tweets Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union


Allegedly Aja Metoyer, Dwyane Wade’s new baby mother, sent out some very straight forward tweets about Gabrielle Union. The only thing missing from her rant was the couple’s actual names but from the looks of it, she had no problem outing the Miami Heat’s player for cheating on Gabrielle when he impregnated her. According to the tweets–which are now deleted–the pro-athlete approached his son’s mother and claimed he was done with the actress due to infidelity on his part and drinking issues on hers. She threw shots towards Gabby and proclaimed herself to be independent with two degrees from NYU and not after his monies or name. She also threw in more shade via Beyonce and Lil Kim lyrics.

Whether the account is real or not is up for question seeing that her original account, was deleted when Wade was outed as fathering another child. So either she reactivated it to say her peace then later deleted it, or an impostor took advantage of her name to stir up some drama. If it is really her we can speculate there will be more baby momma drama in the near future for the newly engaged basketball player.

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