Rumor: Johnny Depp To Play Doctor Strange In Upcoming Marvel Movie

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Latino-Review is starting the year off right with another huge scoop, which finds Marvel Studios supposedly bringing in A-list talent in the form of Johnny Depp for their third phase initiative.

Word on the street is that Depp met with Marvel Studios to discuss potentially joining the fracas as the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.

The source in this latest rumor muses that the discussion has legs and could possibly be true. Similar to the Vin Diesel / Marvel meeting that created much speculation, but turned out to be fact, the possibility of Depp playing Doctor Strange works to fill the void left by Robert Downey Jr.’s scene-stealing Tony Stark.

Not to mention, Depp is already part of the Disney family (which owns Marvel and Lucasfilms) and he earns a mighty healthy paycheck from the company for his Pirates of the Caribbean films in comparison to what Downey Jr. gets for his Marvel appearances. Depp is a professed comic book fan and with Marvel’s Phase Three initiative already starting off with a bang, the smart money is that a Doctor Strange pic would follow a Marvel Cinematic Universe impacted by Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Marvel is notoriously careful and secret with its casting, and Depp commands one of the biggest price tags in Hollywood. Do you think he would make a good Sorcerer Supreme? Is Marvel reaching too high for talent instead of breaking new stars?

Props: Screen Rant