Rumor: ‘Justice League’ And ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ To Film Back To Back

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Not one to let Marvel just hog all the rumors for the day, DC Comics and Warner Bros. upcoming superhero pics are planning to double-down on their work. Should this worry fans?

Batman Vs. Superman, which still doesn’t have a confirmed official title, is set for release on July 17, 2015, but a wild rumor is coming out that the film will end with a huge post-credit tease for a Justice League movie.

The idea from Latino Review is that once the film is out and done, a Justice League movie will shoot immediately after. This would explain why so many heroes are being mentioned in tandem with Zack Snyder’s film: they all just show up at the end.

If Justice League shoots right after that, then it could finally be on the same level as Marvel and serve as competition at the box office.

Think back to when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson met with DC, Latino Review says that that was for a role in Justice League. If these rumors come out to be true, then does creating a massive cliffhanger this early in the DC Comics Cinematic Universe bode well for the franchise?

Props: Cinema Blend