Is Salt-N-Pepa Planning A Reunion Album?


Hip-hop’s most iconic girl group could be making a comeback in the near future.

Cheryl James (“Salt”), Sandra Denton (“Pepa”) and Deidra Roper (DJ Spindarella), collectively known as Salt-N-Pepa, parted ways at the turn of the new millennium, leaving behind an unrivaled impact in the industry – decorated with three platinum studio albums and countless chart-topping hits. While the trio has set aside their differences in recent years to perform for fans, the hip-hop heroines haven’t released new music since the late ’90s.

Spinderalla, who is currently a radio personality on KKBT 100.3 in Los Angeles and a judge for McDonald’s forthcoming Flavor Battle, believes the possibility of a new Salt-N-Pepa album in 2014 is hopeful.

“We got a couple things on the table that we’re going to be talking about,” she told VIBE last week at the DJ Competition. “At this point, we’re just in discussion mode, which is a big deal for us because we had parted ways. Who knows? When this comes out, we could be in full-fledged studio mode.”

While the ladies haven’t quite stepped into the booth yet, Spinderalla says that Salt-N-Pepa remains a separate entity from her own personal endeavors.

“They’re out there doing them and I’ve been out there doing me but we felt it necessary to come together and build that legacy again,” she says. “We’re just talking about it but hopefully something will come from it.” –-Christopher Harris

Are you excited at the possibility of a new Salt-N-Pepa album this year?