Seattle Woman Takes On Year-Long Starbucks Challenge


A daily caffeine kick is ingrained in our itineraries without even thinking but imagine snacking on all Starbucks everything consciously for 365 days straight. That’s what Beautiful Existence did, and yes, her government name really is Beautiful Existence.

A Seattle woman kickstarted her own challenge: consuming the coffee titan’s offerings for every day of 2013 and successfully nailed it. She took to her personal website and documented her daily servings of SBUX, ordering everything from Tazo teas to the signature red cup beverages.

Existence, whose past year-long pledges have included following Parents magazine or copping only Goodwill items, said she chose Starbucks and other “Starbucks-inspired” brands like Roy Street Coffee, Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh because “The company pays good benefits for part-time works. That’s where my money is going.” The mother-of-two also kept tabs on her pricey diet (spending between $500 to $600), tallying up the costs on each receipt.

But while most of us make the trek through snow, rain or sleet for a cup o’ Joe from the ‘Bucks, she says that the challenge was towards the end.

“In the last month, in the last couple weeks, it’s been really difficult,” she told The New York Daily News. “People had pizza at the office last week and I was dying. I’m happy to be able to eat whatever I want.”

She was quick to grab some fried goodness for her post-challenge meal: fish and chips from Seattle-based restaurant chain Ivar’s.

“My taste buds have been freaking out for the last 24 hours,” Existence says. “Starbucks doesn’t really have anything that’s fried, and you can only eat so much after you haven’t had stuff like that for a year.”

As for her next feat, she will be focusing on Pacific Northwest-based company — REI and learning some 80 recreational sports.

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