Shonda Rhimes Gets Pissed About Directors Guild of America’s Diversity Award


Shonda Rhimes

It’s safe to say Shonda Rhimes has no problem speaking her mind. The director was honored at the Director’s Guild Award, Saturday (Jan 25) during Grammy weekend with a Diversity Award. “While I’m still really and truly profoundly honored to received this award, but I was also a little pissed off,” the writer said about the award she and producing partner Betsy Beers received from their work on Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

“Betsy and I are being applauded and given an award for something that we should all be doing, there shouldn’t need to be an award,” she continued in regards to the hit shows.

Before leaving the stage to a standing ovation she left the crowd with the last piece of her speech, “Diversity is not an effort or an initiative. Don’t have summits or meetings. Just start hiring people.”

Vixens, do you agree Shonda’s acceptance speech?

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Photo Credit: Getty