Show Review: Datsik Brings Hip Hop Cred To Dubstep With GZA


Though the currently classified genre known as ‘EDM’ has technically been around since disco heralded dance halls in the ’70s, it didn’t fully break into the mainstream spotlight until it met with hip-hop to create one of the best friendships made in music history.

Since then, some of the most iconic collaborations have come into fruition including David Guetta and Usher, Skrillex and ASAP Rocky, and now dubstep maestro Datsik who has recruited Wu Tang’s own GZA to help hype up the first leg of his current Digital Assassins tour. Fans of both artists and genres could find them performing in a sold out performance at Times Square’s Best Buy Theater last Saturday (January 18) where die-hard ravers were spotted in short-shorts and tank tops despite the city’s harsh winter weather.

Things heat up indoors though once GZA takes the stage, and though the full Wu Tang combo wasn’t present that night, there was still a full piece band for backup instrumental support complete with drummer, guitarist, and two dudes sporting the keyboards. The Genius’s set included the essential old school Wu Tang Clan classics, such as “C.R.E.A.M.,” along with material from his new solo album Dark Matter. Upon completion of his performance, the hip-hop artist goes out old-school style, chanting “Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothing to f*ck with!”

After GZA’s send off (and a 30-minute intermission), audiences are stunned when the curtain onstage drops to reveal headliner Datsik situated in a booth set shaped like a giant megaphone. “Holy sh*t!!,” screams out a neighboring bro as heavy vibrations shoot out from the speaker system that literally shakes one to the very core. As the puppet master of dubstep manipulates synths into a hypnotic melody, the crowd sways in synchronize response, with hands and heads moving in motion to the bass beats.

Of course the Datsik desirables were played, such as “Juicebox” and “Automatik,” sprinkled along with the producer’s special extra ingredient of hip-hop classics, including Snoop Dogg’s “Smoke Weed Everyday,” to really give his set some spice and a kick. Probably one of the most memorable moments of the night is when Datsik took a break from spinning to dive off stage and crowd surf with his fans, only to have his pants pulled down when trying to return to the booth. “OMG, you guys are crazy!” he yells in the mic while trying to cover up his bare white a**.

And this is only just a small taste of what one can expect from Datsik’s performance. To get the full experience, be sure to book your tickets for his future performances across the country. Though GZA’s last stop was NYC, you can still expect a beautiful collaboration of hip-hop and EDM with Datsik and the rest of the Firepower crew. See dates/location by clicking here.