Surprise! Juicy J’s ‘Twerk Scholarship’ Had Nothing To Do With Twerking [Video]


Juicy J twerk scholarship

Reading fine print is the most important part of any contract and apparently, thousands of girls neglected to do so when applying for Juicy J’s “twerk scholarship.” Last year, the Memphis-bred rapper tweeted that he would gift a female college student with $50K if she could twerk above the rest. Soon after, ladies flocked to the nearest camera or voiced their opposition toward the “demeaning opportunity,” without realizing that the scholarship had nothing to do with shaking a tailfeather.

The contest winner reveals that the fine print said nothing about twerking and instead offered an opportunity to work with Juicy J on music. Turns out the “bandz” aren’t the only thing that make Juicy happy- he’s pro-education, too! Check out the reveal below.


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