Sweet Freedom: JoJo Is Now Signed To Atlantic Records


Somewhere in America, JoJo is jumping for joy. According to the LA Times, The “Too Little Too Late” songstress has finally been released from her former label and has now found a home with Atlantic Records. She signed a new deal with them in December.

Due to multi-year legal troubles with her former label, Blackground Music, JoJo was unable to release much follow-up material to her 2006 sophomore album, The High Road. She had filed a lawsuit against them, claiming that Blackground had been holding her hostage for nearly seven years and failed to release a third album. Her fans even launched a #FreeJoJo Twitter campaign for her release.

Well, now everyone’s wish has been granted and we can expect a new project coming from her in the near future. Congrats JoJo!

Photo Credit: Getty Images