The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Happier You!



10. Eat Healthier and Take Vitamins

On the road to happiness, maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes being cautious of what you are downloading into your body. We are not only what we eat, but certain foods tweak our brain chemistry to help us stay happy, energized and even calm.  According to Elizabeth Somner, author of Eat Your Way To Happiness, foods have the power to significantly boost your mood and alter your stress levels.

Why do we have an attraction to sweets? Because they raise levels of those brain chemicals called endorphins. Chocolates boost levels of brain chemicals that give us a euphoric or “in love” feeling, similar to the fats in fish, which can result in a feeling of happier or smart. However, bad fats in meat clog our blood vessels in the brain, which tends to muddle our thinking and overall mood. Eat smart.