T.I. Has Touching Words For Doe B At Late Rapper’s Funeral (VIDEO)


Emerging Grand Hustle rapper Doe B was tragically shot and killed on Dec. 28 in Montgomery, Alabama while at Montgomery’s Centennial Hill Bar & Grill. Along with him, two other victims — 21-year-old innocent bystander Kimble Johnson and 20-year-old Tim Hamilton lost their lives, while six others were injured. Two men have been arrested in the case, so far. On Saturday (Jan. 4) funeral services were held for both Johnson and Doe B, born Glenn Thomas at True Divine Baptist Church on Troy Highway in Montgomery, Alabama. The back-to-back services lasted four hours, according to the Montgomery Advertiser, with Grand Hustle boss T.I. appearing and speaking at Doe B’s service. “I admired Doe, because as a young man, at the age that he was, he always presented himself to be more mature. It’s very rare that you can find somebody at the age of 20-21 and sit them down in front of somebody that they aspire to be like and they are composed and poised and postured,” T.I. said of Doe B. “…It’s very rare that you find somebody at the age of 20 or 21 and you could walk them into the room with a Nelly, or you could walk them into a room with a Timbaland or Jay Z, and they not lose their cool, they’re composed, postured, with the morals, standards, principles — and the principles that were instilled in him from his family, his mom, his dad, grandmama, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles…” T.I. continued, “I want everybody to know that one thing I will never do, I will never let this man’s hard work go to waste. I will never let his life be lived in vain. All of my resources, all of my relationships, all of my efforts, all of my energy will be put forth to make sure that his dream lives on.” Since the Dec. 28 shooting the Centennial Hill Bar & Grill has shut its doors and surrendered its liquor license. More than 2,000 people have signed a petition to demolish the building as it has been the location of other violent uprisings. The Dec. 28 shooting marked the 48th homicide in Montgomery in 2013, the highest since 1980.